At 34 weeks but my bumps seems 39 weeks

Hi mummies, i am very stressed and pressured as I’m only in 34 weeks but my bump looks like im ready to give birth. Doc measured my baby size and even says it is very big. I’m scared. In 2 weeks time, when I’m in week 36, they will send me to scan again and measure my baby size. I am very stressed. Can anyone advise me if i can lose some weight and how to lose weight for me and my baby before i gave birth ? #advicepls #firstbaby #pregnancy

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Trying to lose weight while pregnant is not advisable. Also don't trust the scan when it's about baby's size. I gave birth on Feb. My baby was born premature. I had some complications while pregnant and one of them was gynae said my baby was big. My belly does look HUGE because my amniotic fluid was much higher than anyone else. But my baby was born at a perfect weight less than 3kg at 35w6d. So yes, don't worry about it. It's never accurate.

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4mo ago

Thank you ! 😭🥺❤️

The weight is just estimated. Early week 3x my gynae also said my baby was big.. after that stabilized n increase slower.. estimated at 39 wks+2 was 2.85 but i gave birth at 39wks+5 or +6 was 2.585..

4mo ago

Mine was 2.1 at w 35.. to me doesnt feel big leh.. i have never heard that they measure the stomach! Dun worry.. mine was in breech position n gynae mentally prepared me that i may need c sec.. end up also no nd..