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Hi mummies, I am at week 5 now.. Can I know if I can drink chicken essence?

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As far I know you can drink chicken essence during pregnancy. Prefer some good brand in your area or the best would be home made. As I know it's really good for mummies to gain more nutrients. But be careful with chicken essence... moderation because baby can grow too big. Meanwhile, you can try brew and drinking red date tea, It helps to create 'blood' and boost circulation.

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Can. My dad made me drink chicken essence every alternate days because my gynae said my baby was not growing well. After 3 weeks she become chubby.. so had to stop. Drink in moderation and check with gynae if u can take.

I've been drinking chicken essense everyday! It's a habit since before i got pregnant.

yes! can but just double confirm with gynae

5y ago

Ok! Thank you dearie!

Yes. Get from reliable source

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Can it’s fine.

5y ago

Thank you dearie.

No prob

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