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Hi can I drink those protein drip chicken essence(like eu yen sang or papura) daily for early pregnancy?

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Depends on your body constitution. Unless I get confirmation from TCM doctor I won’t anyhow take Chinese herbs or supplement during and after pregnancy. But taking a little bit (in moderation) is usually fine! Like one serving per week. So long as the supplement doesn’t contain bird nest (known to cause allergy and eczema on your baby) or cordyceps (blood thinner and enhance circulation, bad for pregnancy). Personally I’m steering clear from anything TCM for my pregnancy now as I’m doing well without it.

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TCM's advice to me was to take drip chicken essence from chicken breast only (with no fats) once or twice a week to boost the hcg levels. he said normal drip chicken essence can be taken by anyone even men, no mention of frequency. in any case, need to make sure no other chinese herbs. maybe call your tcm just to be sure?

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I drank it on a daily basis especially since I could not stomach much food during first tri :) I tend to get heaty easily but drip chicken essence will not have that effect. Just don't drink the normal bottled ones! Also, try to drink in the morning or latest by lunch :)

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I usually buy from Shopee! You can wait for flash sale, it's cheaper. For a box of 14, it can go down to $80+ after flash sale and vouchers :) least favourite brand is tian yuan xiang because it needs to be kept frozen... Quite troublesome to heat up! Take care!

Oh ok... Cos all along I been drinking the organic protein drip chicken essence daily before I even conceive. Previously my tcm says I can drink daily la just tat now I preggy I wonder is its the same

I got mixed reviews cos it is heaty. So I didn’t drink it. Now in 2nd trim.