Can I drink chicken essence during breastfeeding?

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Yes! Why not? There is a new brand of chicken essence at the expo baby fair today and tomorrow. There’s promotion going on. You can go down and try ◡̈ I’m going down to try tomorrow too. Heard that it’s quite nice, like chicken herbal soup. Unlike some chicken essence, which actually tastes a bit gross 🤮 Wang Chao chicken essence supposedly helps to boost milk supply too. So is like 2 in 1. Nourish body + boost milk supply.

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i did that during my confinement. however when i went to eu yan sang to get myself more chicken essence from mth 2 onwards, the shop asst advised me to leave a 2hr gap after consumption of the chicken essence before breastfeeding. guess its bec of the herbal content?

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I did. I thou it was good for my well being and baby. If you worry can drink after every pump so till the next pump is already 4/6 hours

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Shouldn’t be a problem. I also drink those Hao Yi Kang chicken essence. We also need to take care of our well being

Plain chicken essence is okay but check if it has other herbs in it. Danggui or american ginseng may reduce supply.

I heard that chicken essence is good for breastfeeding.

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No problem. It gives u more energy and nutrients for breastfeeding. :)

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yes! It gives me more energy in fact

Yes i have it quite often