Post Partum OGGT result

Hi mummies, i was diagnose with GD when I was pregnant. Last friday, I went to the clinic again to do the OGGT to check if my GD disappeared. I got the result today and I failed the 1 hour test but pass the 2 hours. What does it mean? Did anyone experience this. I am still thinking if I need to see the doctor because I feel that it is just a timing issue since the result for 2 hours is ok.

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Check with your doctor

I was also diagnosed with GD (failed the 2hr one) during pregnancy. I asked the diabetes doc on OGTT test after I give birth and whether if I failed any of the test = Diabetes. He said to me that it depends on the reading (ie: how badly u fail). It could be pre-diabetes or Diabetes Check with ur doc :)

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For OGTT during pregnancy, fail the first hour test is still considered as GD. But for postnatal OGTT, kkh only tested the 2 hour mark. So it depends on your gynae and yourself. Cause this might mean you already have diabetes or are higher risk to get it. Consider also how high is the result.

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Best to check with your gynae

They will give u a call about the result and if u need to follow up with GP. I was diagnosed with Gd as well

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Best to consult ur gynae

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Best to still consult your doctor..

Hmmm. Unusual. There are many cases where you fail 2hr but pass 1st hr