hi mummies, i just want to ask. on dec 12 2019 i have took my blood test to check if i have gestational diabetes and then, the result is normal. but the doctor said i should have another blood test, cause my first preg i have GD. so last few weeks, i fast and went for my appt. i already kena poke ONCE, and drink the sweet orange drink (??) and then, i met the doctor. after she check my baby heartbeat, she told me that she was sorry, some nurse just pass her the results form of my blood count from december one, which is the first one that i took. and she showed me that i already have GD. and she apologized to me that i have to go thru it again. after all that, i go to the counter and pay, when im done paying and out from the hospital, i look back at the paper of my payment.....feel really mad when i see that i need to pay for full blood count and whatso. i feel like i should ask for waive. can i?

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I feel that you can actually call and complain. And insist that you get your money back!

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Lodge a complaint and ask them to waive the amount...