Breastfeeding and pumping.

Hi mummies, i want to know if any of you do pump even when you are breastfeeding? My son is 2 months old and he feeds on demand. So sometimes he will go for an hr, 2 hrs, sometimes every 30 mins. Depending on him. He also nurses for comfort or before he goes to sleep. So you see, i dont have the time to pump esp when he feeds every hr or 30 mins or sometimes wants to nurse before he naps during the daytime. And ive read some where that if the baby manages to empty the breast, theres no need to pump. So here's what i want to know. If any of the mummies here does BF and pump or if there's any of you just BF and dont pump? I wish to BF him till he's 2 or longer and im afraid that if i dont pump, my milk will decrease because of the lack of stimulation or whatever. I also read that "light" breast does not mean empty. Its just your body are accustom to your baby needs and is now adjusted to your baby's timing. And for as long as your baby still suckle, you are still making milk. Can anyone explain or share your BF journey with me. I couldnt BF for long with my #1 because my working hrs was irregular and it took a toll on me and since im a sahm now im looking forward for a longer BF journey.

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My lactation consultant says it depends on whether u want just enough for baby or an oversupply. If the latter, u'll need to pump aft baby breastfeeds, even if u only get so little. But if whatever ure giving baby is enough, meaning baby is gaining weight healthily, then there's no need to. At 3 months typically ur supply will maintain so u can decide now to pump or not. For me I EP up till 2 months but decide to pump and freeze whenever I can as I'll be gg bck to work. I'll usually will pump one side when baby is breastfeeding on the other. Pump twice between 1am to 6am because this is when our prolactin is the highest and most milk come in. My sis on the other hand exclusively breastfed her 1st born till 1+ yrs old but when her period came back aft 13 months, she had a dip in supply. She tried everything frm pumping to latching more, eating galactagogues and supplements but still didn't work so she had no choice but to slowly wean baby off. The hard part was her boy alr became v clingy so it was v hard tt time. So for her 2nd born she decided to pump and alternate with bottle feed at 6 months and she continued to maintain her supply even when she got her period back. Still breastfeeding till now when the girl is alr 2+ years old.

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i breastfed my #2, #3, #4 & #5. a long 8 years journey. if you have enough supply by direct latching and you're a sahm now, I don't see the need for you to pump after feed. your baby feed on demand, so I'm assuming he's very attached to mommy's boobie already. if that's so, the effort of milk you pump will end up sitting in the freezer. that's what happened to me previously. right now, I breastfeed both my toddler and newborn.

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did you pump out your milk? or you just latch your babies? also do you take anything to help increase your milk?