Hi mummies im currently 13 weeks+ now and just took my blood test recently. Actually my test result will be out only on 14 Jan but the doctor just called me and told me that i have to retake again cos maybe i got this syphilis infection. After the news, im super down now. Not quite sure what infection is that but she told me it will spread to the baby. Anyone experiencing this? Thank you in advance

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Super Mum

Hi, it is a sexually transmitted disease that is unfortunately quite significant in pregnancy. If you’re keen to find out the details, you can read this:!po=2.17391 I know it sounds scary, but these are the things that you can do and focus on now... 1. Get treated. IV antibiotics and whatever your gynae asks you to do, follow it strictly. This will give your baby the best shot at lasting through this pregnancy, and hopefully, not having this terrible disease at birth. 2. Get your partner(s) tested and treated. If he/they refuse, do not be intimate with him throughout your pregnancy. I’m sorry that I can’t offer you very much, but I’m praying that you and baby will be alright ❤️

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It is STD but treatable. I know someone who got it before and treated but of course not same situation. Get your husband/partner or whoever you are with get tested. If he efuse dont be intimate with him. Follow all steps necessary taken from obgyn. Hopefully all is good with you and baby.