Extreme Fatique In A First Trimester!

Hello mummies! I am new here and I just recently found out that I'm pregnant with a 7 weeks old baby. I am extremely dizzy everyday including short of breathe and breast pain (the breast pain is no joke...). Please share your body changes during your pregnancy here!
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Im vommit more than 10 times...and im warded in hospital coz my body very dehydrated even doctor give me drip 3 bottles of water...before i know im prgnt my body just tired..but when i know im prgnt s
Other than everything mentioned in most of the comments, I think I experienced a little dehydration. My lips are chapped and kept peeling even though I drank considerable amount of water. I also have
I also have headache, dizziness, extreme fatigue and bloatedness. Would get short of breath more easily during exercise
everyday ako ng susuka at walang gana kumain
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Congrats to you! Every pregnancy is different. I experienced what you have for my 2nd pregnancy.
Same here .. second pregnancy is really different!