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Where To Find Big Panties??
Hello I'm about 16 weeks now and my tummy is getting bigger.. Does anyone know where to find big panties like those ah ma type very loose and comfy. I need like 3XL++..
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try maternity panties.
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Hi... you can get maternity panties from departmental stores such as Taka, Marks & Spencer’s, Robinson and Tangs
My Baby At 8 Weeks..
My Baby look like a small crocodile??
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Ultrasound scans can look strange, but don't worry I highly doubt you're carrying a baby croc. 😂
Hmmm. No?
Is it okay for me or my husband to massage for me as I'm aching everywhere now that I'm pregnant?
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Wooow u so lucky .. to hv such understanding hubby .. go ahead .. but careful u hv another tiny lil pumpkin in u :)
Yes of course, just be gentle. Lucky you! :)
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my hubby helps me to massage my back and leg :3
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I ask my Husband to massage my shoulder and leg during pregnancy.
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Yes of course! There are also places that offer great pre-natal massages. These can be very, ver relaxing.
Extreme Fatique In A First Trimester!
Hello mummies! I am new here and I just recently found out that I'm pregnant with a 7 weeks old baby. I am extremely dizzy everyday including short of breathe and breast pain (the breast pain is no jo
Congrats to you! Every pregnancy is different. I experienced what you have for my 2nd pregnancy.
Hihi ladies! Congrats on all your pregnancy! Sorry to ride on, I'm too, tested positive via the digital kit for 5weeks. Have yet to went for checkup. Jus wondering, have you all visited a gynae or wh
Hi i am 5 weeks pregnant and i feel nausea, breast pain, extremely sleepy and fatigue. Before i knew i am pregnant, i was having short of breath so bad but now it is already okay. Hope everything goes
I was at 5 weeks when I found out that I was pregnant. Due to low progesterone levels, i actually had almost no symptoms except swollen breasts. Doctor prescribe me progesterone supplements (安胎药), the
I am feeling extreme sleepy too.. And was afraid to sleep too much as well. Feeling breathless as well especially when i was like bathing.. N i feel extreme hungry easily.. And i was like eating every