Pain in tailbone

Hi! Any mummies experiencing pain at your tailbone area during first trimester? I’m just about 6-7 weeks in and recently felt the pain. Hurts when I’m changing clothes (standing on one feet)…

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Hi mummy, yes I had this in first trimester, felt like a pain deep inside near tailbone and tend to be more on one side, hurt especially when I sneeze or cough or standing up from seated. Checked with my gynae and she said it's normal as body is growing to make room for baby. Mine went away after few weeks by itself!

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2mo ago

Oh yes felt it more on one side too. Thanks for your sharing!!

I’m about 5-6 weeks in and started having lower back pain! I’ve injured my tailbone and sprained my back before so I’m quite worried that the pain will continue for a long time.

Yup I had it until week 8.