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Hi mummies, do I need to prepare to bring my own breast pump to the hospital before I give birth?

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Many hospitals recommend direct latching at the beginning, so if you’re only going to stay for 1-2 days, you probably don’t need to:) My daughter had to be readmitted at day 6 of life for phototherapy due to jaundice. So I brought my pump to pump out milk for her. I could only see and feed her every 3 hours, so I pumped at the 1.5 hour mark.

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If you already have your pump it's good to bring just in case. I thought I didn't need it at first, but for the first few days I had almost no supply so I was recommended to pump to stimulate the milk production. Also because baby sleeps most of the time so I can't always direct latch

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I did direct latching during my stay in hospital but I think breast pump is a good to have to stimulate it more when baby isn’t with you or the Nurses there can teach you how to do it if you’re a first time mum. It’s good to have but not a must have.

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i bring but no use cos my milk only kick in on 3rd day and still very little, can just let baby latch if baby don't hv any complications

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Nope, hospital actually encourage direct latching. :)

Nope. Usually will encourage direct latch

No need..

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