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Hi mummies, may I know whether I can carry newborn baby by bassinet instead of car seat while travel by car from hospital to home?

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No. You need to get a proper car seat which you should get professionally installed. It's very unsafe for a newborn to travel any other way.

Maybe u want to carry using bby carrier rather then puting bby in bassinet, if not just carry bby n travel by taxi not grab or gojek

Hi mummy, car seat will provide better safety. Bassinet doesn't have specific safety harnesses and support.

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you can take a cab and carry her by hand also. grab have rules for children, but taxi is ok.

Hi, I would strongly suggest a proper car seat that locks into the car.

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Can, but some grabs wont accept

Yes you can. It is completely fine

3y ago

Thank you for the info ;-)

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Your own car right? Yes, you can.

3y ago

Thank you for the information, however, I do not own a car. 😢