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May I know at wat age is it mandantory by law to let baby sit the car seat? My 4 months old refuses to sit and I have to carry her.

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Super Mum

From birth. It’s best to start training immediately. Sitting beside your LO to talk/sing/play helps a lot. I also put a nice mirror in front of the rear facing seat so the driver can see the baby and talk to baby too. Start out with a short drive around your estate. Then gradually increase the distance. Don’t feel that you’re cruel if baby keeps crying. It’s for her own safety. She’ll get used to it quite soon. Just keep talking to her and entertaining her to help her get over the fear. My first child, now 3 and a half, loves the car seat. Makes her feel so special. We’re training the younger one now (almost 4 months) to not be scared. She’s improved a lot.

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Super Mum

From birth. It’s for baby’s safety

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Since birth.

From birth