Refuse to drink EBM from bottle

My lo is 5 mths old now. Don’t know why she suddenly refused to drink EBM frm bottle :( She is hungry and eat her feet n suck her fingers. But she just don’t want feed frm only able to feed her once she sleep. Please help. :)

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Mine didn’t want any kind of bottle. At 3 months old I bring her to KKH to consult a PD. Due to my baby’s weight is around 90% she ask me not to worry when she is hungry she will drink as I’m putting her with my Mother in law when i return to work the following month. Now she is 6 months coming 7 , she is still not taking any bottle. PD said we can start solids at 4 month old. So during week days she eats rice purée mix with breast milk during the day. And I breastfeed her during the night. Right now we increase her feed to 2 times a days after she is 6 months. It worked out well for me. Just that she wakes up a lot of times during the night.

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5y ago

My LO still latches on at night. She hates the taste of formula. She would vomit if you try to stick a bottle of formula in her mouth.

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have you tried feeding using spoon or cup?

5y ago

I’m tried. But she don’t want :(