Covid booster dose for 25 weeks pregnant

My wife is 25 week pregnant now and is in a dilemma of getting booster shot. She is wondering if she should take it, even though gynae said ok to go for it The expiry of her vaccinated is approximately 1 month before her due date. Any kind advice :) thank you

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I took pfizer booster at 15weeks as advised by gynea (to take after 12 weeks). surprisingly, i only gt sore arm compared to body weakness & dizziness when i took the 2nd dose before pregnant.pls check with gynea for assurance.😊

doctor gave me green light for booster twice, so will be going in my week 18 since my vaccination expiring shortly after that.. if you are worry, can drag nearer to delivery since haven't expire..

What is causing her concern? Many pregnant ladies here have done it and are fine. Maybe if she can state her concerns better, it might be easier for the doctor to address it.

I took my booster around weeks 20, and infected covid at week 33. I does not has serious covid effects and recovered the fastest at home

It’s ok to go for it. I was advised to go when I turned week 24 but I’m only gg for booster next week. Will be week 36 by then

listen to the gynae. I took mine at ard 20wks in Jan, and then I got covid in Mar. so glad I took it.

I took mine at 16 weeks. No side effect except sore arm for 2 days. Currently 20 weeks now.

I will take it b4 i delivery as I want my baby got some antibodies

I took mine at week 10. no problem till now (currently week 20)

yes i took it at my 3rd trim. no side effects except a sore arm