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Hi mummies, I am quite puzzled with all the symptoms that I am currently facing. I experience cramps and very light brown discharge 4-5 days before my period due date. *do take note that my period never came earlier than the actual date before, it is either on the dot or few days later*. And the next morning when I woke up, I experience sore throat and fatigue. I decided to take a pregnancy test but it was negative. I still have 2-5 more days before my period due date. Has any mummies experience such symptoms? Thanks!

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I had massive red blood on the day when my period should come so I thought I wasn’t pregnant. Went to see a doctor 4days after as I was feeling sick and the blood only came for one day and stopped. had done blood test for pregnancy and still negative. One week later I was tested positive and now my baby is 13months old. All the best to you!!

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I had bleeding 3-4 days before my period due date. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. So I took again 4 days after missed period and it showed positive. I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant. You can take again after you missed your period as the HCG level could be too low to detect now.

Each one of us have different pregnancy symptoms. What u mentioned could be PMS might or might not means you are pregnant.

Could be implantation bleeding. Take pregnancy test 1 week after you missed your period. Too early to show positive now.

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Take pregnancy test again after 1/2days of missing period.