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Hi. I’ll be due in a 2-3 weeks time. May I know what are the latest hospital protocol for husband and patient due to the current Covid-19 situation? Is it better to do an self ART test before heading to hospital? Is it needed? Thanks!

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hi hi! I just gave birth 2 weeks ago at NUH. Husband needs to take an ART test before coming up to the delivery suite. If your husband is fully vaccinated, they will provide him with the test kit and he will do it himself. of he is unvaccinated, he will have to purchase his own kit. As for yourself, once you're in the delivery suite, someone will come in to do a swab test on you. There's no need for you to take your own swab test before heading to hospital. Hope this helps! ☺️

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NUH mummy here. 38 weeks 5 days pregnant atm. Been to the hospital very recently due to Braxton Hicks. Went to A&E, they sent me straight to Ward 22 - Delivery Suite. 15 minutes after reaching, someone will come by to do a PCR test on you. After wheeled to Ward 48 - Normal 6 bedder ward, husband who wants to visit has to take ART test at the visiting registration area and has to submit the result there too.

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You would likely be better off asking your hospital directly instead of this community forum… they should be able to give you more detailed instruction based on latest guidelines. Also, different hospital may have different protocols so just check directly with them.

When I gave birth last July at thomson. They did a PCR test the day before you get admitted. Husband was able to sleep in the hospital room if you booked a single room. Max 1 visitor allowed.

please ask your hospital..! protocols will differ from time to time and from hospitals. the info I got from my hospital last week was different 2months ago when I did a virtual tour

2 mths back ART n PCR was done when i was not ready for delivery yet and coz i went a&e. My husband had to go down to a&e and get his ART done every 24h. This was at mt e novena

Every hospitals have different protocols. Follow your hospital's page like I did with NUH. They update their protocols there whenever MOH announced of changes.