How To Supply Breastmilk

Hi mummies, I just gave birth to my girl at 38 weeks, and so far my breast isn't making enough milk so far no matter how much massages I do to it, even from the nurses. I really feel bad and sad for my baby girl, that she has to go formula milk for now because of my milk supply. How do you make your breast supply more milk after giving birth or was it normal to have not enough supply after give birth? I truly feel bad for my girl tho. ?

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Dont be stress! My bm kicked in only on day 5. And i supplemented with forrmula till 1.5 mths. I pumped every 3 hours, one power pump a day, kept hydrated, tried milk boosters (although most failed). Was desperate then amd consulted a LC. She taught me to bottle feed baby half a feed (formula or ebm) and then finish off at the breast. I did that until i was confident with my supply, then only i breastfeed exclusively, that was when baby turned 2 months old. She's 6.5 months now and I'm still breastfeed her happily - pump at work while she is bottle fed at infant care, and direct latch in the evening and through the night. Dont give up mama!

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2y ago

Baby needs a tiny amount anyway, if baby can latch and seems to be satisfied, then no worries! I had a particular nurse that I didn't like too (not at NUH) cos she was so impatience. Dont be discouraged by anyone, just focus on your baby😃 breastfeeding is not east but it's rewarding