No milk on first day of giving birth

Hi mummies! I have been pregnant a few times and All those times my i wont have milk on my first day of delivery. No matter how i latch, supply will come the next day. And first day hospitAl will feed my lo with formula (no choice). And im currently pregnant again (38 wks now), so any tips to get/stimulate breast milk even even before i give birth? So on first day i would hAve milk.

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hello fello mummies! im currently expecting n im worried about having low supply.. my sis just deliver and have alot of problems. Hav u all heard of Rejoice? i was doing my research on Mdm Patrum and Rejoice and was wondering who i shld go for. rejoice has strong emphasis on planning fr breastfeeding while mdm partum has postnatal massage. any mummy try b4 and can advise which is better or more beneficial?

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Me too. I've also been pregnant a few times also and my milk will come out on the next day. What I did is I keep latching. It stimulates your milk production. The flow maybe very slow but at least better than nothing. I didn't even bring along a pump just latch and latch.

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Think it’s normal not to have milk on the first day. Colostrum will come in first then breast milk


normally first few days is colostrum