How To Supply Breastmilk

Hi mummies, I just gave birth to my girl at 38 weeks, and so far my breast isn't making enough milk so far no matter how much massages I do to it, even from the nurses. I really feel bad and sad for my baby girl, that she has to go formula milk for now because of my milk supply. How do you make your breast supply more milk after giving birth or was it normal to have not enough supply after give birth? I truly feel bad for my girl tho. ?

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I wasn't able to supply enough too which can be very depressing.. I cried a couple of times cos I couldn't supply enough for my son. now I'm trying to pump even if it's little.. as for latching, I cut down alot..

Dun feel bad. I was worse. Same but my milk came only on week 3. Now am entering 3rd month old and thou supply aint ideal, its just enough. Time will bring u there!

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dont stress mummy! i eat alot of veggies and keep massage it when i bath. it works! just eat healthily

Get loads of protein to get the milk following. Red kidney beans and eggs are good sources

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stress was the major impediment to my bm supply 😫 nothing else helped

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Same here... Hais. I think I stressed alot.

Latch on demand :)