Small baby at 36 weeks

Hi mummies. So I just finished my 36 week check up with my gynae and gynae informed my baby is on the smaller side. Baby is on the 11.7 centile, weighing 2.2kg. I am also losing weight based on the previous appointment 3 weeks ago which is 67kg to 60.1kg. Not having much appetite and also I am not a SAHM. I have a 2 year old who I send to the daycare and I also work in the office (normal office hours). Also, I perspire excessively which didn't happen to my 1st born. I am worried as my first born was born healthily at 3kg, natural delivery and since this is the 2nd, I am worried facing all these for the first time. I tried to eat a lot as well as munch on snacks a lot but it seems like it doesn't help much. Also, dairy products makes me barf this time around. Doctor adviced to be induced if baby is below 15 centile which I am worried about. Does anyone know how induction happens and how to gain weight/grow my baby's centile up? Thank you.

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