Week 37 baby not gaining weight

I started my pregnancy being obese so I tried to control my diet and go for daily walks on my treadmill. So far I gained 3kg at 38 weeks but gynae didn’t say anything. I was also diagnosed with GDM but it’s under control so no medicine. At week 20, during the FA scan, a slight notching in one of the baby’s artery was noted and I was put on aspirin. Which I was advised to stop at week 36. During the scan at week 37, doc mentioned that the baby is losing weight or not gaining weight. Was advised to monitor and might induce if still not gaining weight. I kept on thinking that it’s my fault baby is not gaining weight. This is my 2nd baby, first being born at 37 week 2.6kg. I was also obese and had gdm last time. Anyone went through the same thing? I’ve been having a lot of anxiety and stress through out this pregnancy

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I was induced on 1st day of wk 38 cause of my diabetic and has to have insulin injection and doc scared my baby too big, measure around 3.2 but give birth with 2.8. also took aspirin and stop at wk36. think u should monitor ur baby movement and if gyne advise to induce you may want to consider depending how big ur baby is now. don't be stress n try to relax...I even lost 10kg myself during pregnancy also to control my diet so it's not ur fault and just go with what doc suggested. make sure to monitor ur baby movement etc.

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Hi 👋 my pregnancy weight gain was similar to yours but my baby weight gain was ok. Friend of mine had more weight gain during pregnancy but her baby was at 36-37 weeks diagnosed with IUGR like yours. She had to be induced and baby monitored in neonatal for a few days. Her child is at healthy weight after birth, no further issues. It’s stressful for sure, hope will work out alright for you!

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Thank you for your reply. I hope baby is doing ok at the next appointment