Keep losing weight while breastfeeding

My second born is 10 months old now, whereas my first born is 3 years. Since i got pregnant with my secondborn, i lost alot of weight during my first tri & did not gain as much as i did with my first. Postpartum wise, i keep losing weight up to now, i’m also doing tandem as my 3 y/o also wants to latch. My lowest was few weeks ago 39.3kg. I’m on the petite side and my normal weight is about 44-45kg. Now hovering around 40-41. Is it normal to lose weight with breastfeeding? I am eating alot…so much more than when i was pregnant. Wondering if I should start taking mummies supplements? And are there any recommendations?

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Super Mum

Hi mama, If your general health is alright I don’t think your weight loss is something to worry about. The general guideline is to consume 300-500 calories more - and mostly, it’s the quality of the calories you consume - good fats, less processed foods, proteins, lots of leafy greens and so on. Alternatively, you could pay a visit to your gynae and explain what’s been going on. Being better informed about your health history, he/she might be better informed to guide you. Happy eating mama!

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