Fetal weight at week 32

I am a quite concerned here after knowing my fetal weight is growing at 10th centile with 1.65 kg. Ever since I am diagnosed with GDM at week 28, I have lost my weight about 3.5-3.7 kg (roughly in a month time). The replacement gynae (my original gynae is on leaves) I saw asked me to eat more proteins. She also said losing weight after GDM diagnosis is considered normal. Will be seeing my regular gynae in 2 weeks time.. Can other mummies with similar experiences as mine share with me so I feel much better? I feel quite down now.. #pleasehelp #advicepls

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Take in more meat? I also lost weight after noeing i was diabetic. Dun worry so much ok! Jiayou

7mo ago

thanks! were ur baby at smaller side after giving birth? I will take more meat also. Do you have any other protein source to recommend?