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Hi mummies, I am currently 36 weeks 5 days and will be inducing labour next week (at 37th week) as my gynae says baby is quite big and growing very fast..I heard inducing labour is very painful..anyone care to share your experience if you had induced labour before?

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I was induced during my first pregnancy at 41weeks. My baby was born at 3.99kg and yes, induction was hell for me. I wouldn't say I have low pain threshold but the pain was crazy and I took all 3 pain killer, gas and lastly epidural because I just couldn't stand the pain anymore. I was induced on 2July at 1230pm and gave birth only at 3July at 1134pm because I was not dilating. I'm currently pregnant with my no.2 and I really hope I wouldn't have to induce again because the first experience was just so terrifying.

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I was induced at 39th week, 2 days before my EDD and it was horrible. i was 8mduced bcz my baby's heartbeat stopped for a second or two. The contraction will come EVERY min and i was inhaling the gas desperately like crazy bcz the pain was soooo unbearable (to me) bcz my threshold for pain is 0. But i took epidural which saved my life bcz it lasts till aft i was being stitched. so yeah. i will never ever wanna be induced ever again. will try to do it naturally.

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induced in july at 38 weeks. 24 hours not much pain and slow dilation (only 3cm after 24 hours) can walk, sleep and eat. gynae then burst water bag to try fasten the process. before burst water bag i asked for epidural. thanks to epidural i manage to took 2 hours nap before fully dilated. from burst water bag till full dilation took around 5 hours, not much pain except during the last hour when contraction kicks in.

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Hi ladies. I’m a ftm and I am 37 weeks today to be exact. I was told by my doctor that I got to be induced next week when I’m on my 38 weeks. I’m really worried. Is it alright to be induced and was also told baby is in position and baby is slightly small as Mommy is small too. I’m really worried and have got so much of thoughts running in my head. Need some advice please help.

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1y ago

I’m having normal delivery but being induced. It’s safe right? And is it safe to be induced thru the vagina? Will baby have the chances to swallow the medicine while on her way out?

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I gave birth at 40+2 naturally. Was 3cm dilated when I admitted. Gynae broke my water bag at 4-5cm dilated. After that my contractions are MADDDDNESSSS. Every 3 mins rest and 1 min contraction since 8.30am till 11am. I will not recommend induce unless gynae advise. If your baby is below 3.5kg I think it’s best to hold it first.

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2y ago

If my baby is 3.3kg I would wait (:. Give yourself & your precious abit more time ok?

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I got induced for my first child at 37 weeks and in 2 weeks time getting induce again at 37 weeks for my second child 😊 Not so pain... still can bare. I was able to sleep all the way until I woke up due to contractions and I was fully dilated alr. Time to push!

9mo ago

No. I did not

Hi new mama, May i know what the outcome? i having the same situation with u. my baby is now 3.2kg and gynae advice to induce as well. due to the growth is too fast. last week is just 2.6kg out of sudden this week up to 3.2kg.

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Yup i induced twice and last one was natural.. i think induce births are horrid.. the first 2 my labour was ard 13-17 hours.. my last natural labour only took 6 hours..epidural saved my life man

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I was OK when induced.. not really painful and I was able to sleep, play hp and chat with hubby till the dilation was big enough. I used epidural quite early as I was afraid of pain later on

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Baby’s weight during ultrasound scans are all just an estimate though. If it’s me, I wouldn’t want to induce so early. Fear of lungs prematurity.