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Massive weight gain during pregnancy

Hi mummies, I would like to ask if any of you gained a lot of weight during pregnancy? I'm currently pregnant with my 2nd baby but I gained a lot during my first pregnancy, which was in 2018 to 2019. My initial pre pregnancy weight was 60kg but during my first pregnancy, I let loose as I had difficulty eating normal food which ends up with me gaining up to 96kg - weight gain of approximately 36kg. My health was fine, there was no gestational diabetes and no hypertension or whatsoever. Baby did end up on the bigger side but that was also due to hereditary as my family genetics are all on the bigger baby side. I was trying to lose weight when I got pregnant again this year, my first baby was only 9mths old. This time my pre pregnancy weight started at 81kg and now I'm reaching 100kg. As per previous pregnancy, my health and baby's health were all fine. My doctor said it's okay as my pre pregnancy weight started at 81kg and my weight gain so far is okay. I'm just worried that I might have a hard time losing weight. I had always been on the bigger side, abt 70kg plus and I managed to lose a lot before my wedding. It took so much blood, sweat and tears to lose all those weight and I know I'll have to do it again if I wanna lose all the weight I've gained thus far. Do you have any advice on when I can start losing weight after giving birth and what I can do other than exercising? If I'm breastfeeding, can I still go on diet and stuff like that? I would really appreciate your advice on this. Also, I would really appreciate if you don't criticize me on the weight gain as I've had enough of that from myself. Thank you in advance.

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