Postpartum OCD

Hi mummies, my husband has been asking me to visit a psychiatrist as he thinks that I have postpartum OCD. I became very sensitive to hygiene when it comes to my LO. For example, I would demand people to wash their hand before touching my LO or I will shower my LO after that. I also feel very uncomfortable when others kiss my LO as I am worried that they will spread germs to my LO. I will wipe my LO’s face whenever people kiss her and sometimes i will shower her if her hair gets oily (facial oil) from the person who kissed her. Usually after i shower my LO, i will not bring her out of my room already (as my mother-in-law will always touch my LO’s hand without washing hers). Am I being over protective? Do you think I need to visit a psychiatrist? Sorry mummies i need your advices. TIA!

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It’s ok to ask people to wash their hands before touching your baby and not to kiss your baby as it may transfer virus to your baby. However, it’s best not to be too clean and too over protective. Firstly your lo will learn from you. Secondly this will not help with her immune system, whereby when your baby go to school, she may fall sick easily, which I don’t think you want that to happen. Not sure how old is your baby, but you can bathed her 2 times per day - morning and before bedtime, guess it more than enough for baby. Try to think of it as the younger she’s exposed to germs, the stronger she will be, which is scientifically proven and true.

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i think that is a normal reaction for mothers after giving birth. Nothing got to do with postpartum OCD. u don't want to know those .