Are husband allowed to stay overnight at ward?

Hi! I'm first time mum to be and delivering soon in August. I understand that husband are definitely allowed to accompany during the entire labour process unless surgery has to be made, but I wonder if husbands are allowed to stay overnight with us as well once we are admitted in ward? I chose 8 bedder since I'm a sub patient, so just wondering if husband could stay after labour? Appreciate your replies!! ☺️ #nocovidrestrictions

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Nope! They can’t stay overnight in the ward unless single bedded or private. I gave birth in NUH. I went to A&E cause my water broke but no contractions. They put me in the waiting room for A&E cause delivery suites are all full. Once I got a room in delivery suite, my husband can come in. Before that he was just wandering around the hospital hahahah! After giving birth, they’ll wheel you to the ward (baby on the bed with you) and husband will trail behind with your belongings. Once in ward, the nurse will let your husband stay for like few minutes to let you settle down. Then have to leave. Husbands can only come visit during visiting hours. FYI, i was also a sub patient. I was supposedly in a 6bedder, but cause they don’t have space, they put me in a 4bedder.

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if it is a 8 bedder usually husband is not allow to stay with you and your baby overnight and only private and single bedder are allow husband to stay overnight as i just gave birth last year and i am also a sub patient

Congratulations mummy! Sadly, only single bedder rooms allow husbands to stay overnight.

Only single bedder allows husband to stay overnight in ward. No overnight for 8-bedder.

has to be private and single bed ward