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FIL had a meal with a friend yesterday. Today his friend got tested covid positive. FIL wants to meet baby and us for dinner tomorrow, he says he will do ART test before meeting. Will you agree? If you don't, how will you tell your FIL that you are not comfortable with meeting? I am concerned for my baby, and ourselves. His ART could be a false negative, or it could be too soon to show. My husband thinks it's okay so long as his ART is negative.

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Nah, just kindly reject saying you’re scared of the late symptoms. Tell your husband straight forward NO, not now. Don’t care lah. Fight, fight lah. Lol. Maybe wait for a week, do ART test then see how it goes from there. Don’t worry too much about it, whether they understand or not, it doesn’t matter. As long as you protect your own child. Cause it’s not worth the risk. Can FaceTime or Video Call in the meantime. ☺️

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Maybe can suggest that your husband to go for dinner with your FIL, while you stay behind at home to look after baby

11mo ago

Haha would love to but his main objective is to see and play with baby over our dinner