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Hello mummies. How much weight did you all gain throughout the whole pregnancy? I have already gain 4kg at week20..

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Yours sounds okay! I Gained 2kg at w28. But then again I lost alot of weight in first trimester. Just go with what your gynae says and it should be okay :)

normal weight is 47kg. lost weight during my 1st trimester to 32kg. now im 49kg @27weeks hahah gg

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Me 14kgs ..n lost 4kgs after delivery.. later on 6more kgs reduced .. still hv to down 4kgs

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I gain 14kg!!! Now got big butt hahaha. Even after give birth haha

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I gained 3-4kg. After birth I'm weighing lesser than pre-preg.

I'm on my 31st week and so far, i gained 4kg.

8kg at 25 weeks! Feel so stressed by it!

Now 34 week preg with GDM gain 5kg only.

I gained 18kg throughout my pregnancy .

First baby 15kg & second baby 4kg