Mummies, how many ml does your 6 months plus LO drinks? My is 150ml for 3 hrs sometime 2 hrs. I don't know is it enough for him. I just give my LO whenever he is hungry. He sleeps at 7pm or 8pm. Wake up for milk at 10pm or 11pm. Wake up for milk midnight at 3am or 4am. Wake up for milk in the in the morning at 6am or 7am. 1) He will then wake up at 6am or 7am all the way to 10am for nap 30mins or 2 hrs. His second nap will be at 1pm or 3pm (short nap for 30mins or 1hr). 2) He will go back to sleep after his morning milk. Wake up at 8am or 9am. Then nap at 12pm or 1pm for 30mins of 2 hrs. His second nap will be at 3pm or 4pm (short nap for 30 mins or 1hr) He will bath at 6pm before he sleep at 7pm or 8pm. Is my LO timing okay?

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Sounds very ok. If he is gaining weight and growing up well. My LO going to be 7 months I just increase to 180ml.. previously was also 150ml every 3hrs.. his last milk will usually between 10 - 11 pm.. he sleep through since he was 2months + .. wake up between 7-8 am .. he is very chubby ..

sounds alright. infact don't worry if lo is taking sufficient. if they need more they will definitely let you know. also as long as lo is growing fine and well, you're doing a great job!

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Sounds fine to me. My girl drank 150ml all the way until she's about 10 months old before I switched to another brand. Her milk intake boost to 210ml-240ml shortly 😅

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sounds alright to me too. If baby is growing well and happy.its def ok


sounds ok to me. not all baby drinks the same amount.