My baby have eyebags. But he is only 5 months. His waking timing is in between 8am to 10am. He will have his nap in between 11am to 1pm. He wake up at 2pm or 3pm. The next nap will be 4pm to 6pm sometime even 7pm to 8pm. He will wake up at 9pm or 10pm. Then he will then cry to sleep at 11pm or 12am sometime even 1am. Is it okay? I am worried because of sleeping in too late makes him have eyebags. My husband have eyebags too. But is not inherited from family. He is due too lack of sleep.

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Hi there. I think that your baby suffers from a severe lack of sleep - and because he does not have a nice Long stretch of sleep for the night part, it causes him to nap often and have late naps. I read before that a 3 hr bloc k of sleep can help reset teh pattern - so strive to put the baby to sleep and to stay asleep for about 3 hrs - even if it requires rocking etc. Put baby to sleep every 2.5hrs for a nap - caz when stretch too Long, they are too tired to sleep. But sleep is a sophisticated thing. I strugglesd a to when trying to get mine to have good naps at that age. So just try ur best to have 2-3 naps. If it is on late in the evening then i think u should just consider getting m to sleep the main sleep already and not nap. Babies definitely shold not be sleeping at 11 or 12 or 1. But mine did for a while. There are certain times baby go through growth spurt and sleep regression and sleeping patterns can get messed up. Just keep trying to help them have a routine and reset the routine when it is messed up. Jiayou mummy. It's tough. My boy was like that for a few weeks too!

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if he has eyebags, it shows that he is having insufficient sleep. Limit his nap to a shorter nap (1hr) For the second nap, limit to 45mins. So he won't be too energetic for his bedtime. 11pm is too late. I always start my bedtime routine at 7pm

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you have to twitch his sleeping time a little. 7-8pm waking up is way too late. Usually it's almost bedtime for mine. Try to wake him up from his sleep the evening one. probably give him a 45mins time for the second one

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A good routine helps to eliminate many problems. We need to constantly ensure our mental and physical health are in a good state. That includes having eye bags at such a young age.

Waking up at 8-10am is too late. He is also sleeping too late. At 5 months old he should be in bed by 7.30pm and awake by 7am.