Mummies pls share with me your LO 10months sleep routine? Once or twice a day? My LO wake up at 6.30am, he will fall asleep at 11am, then 3pm or 4pm second nap. And he will sleep at 7pm or 8 pm plus till morning 6am wake up. Is it okay?

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Hi, on average 10m old babies should be able to sleep throughout the night soundly for 11-12 hrs with an avg of 2 naps during the day. Your baby seems to be going through sleep regression which is normal. This is mainly because your child's learning new things daily and its brain is processing the information in overtime. Try to montior his sleeping pattern and create a plan/routine which would help him sleep better. Eg.put him in his crib awake and sing lullabyes or read a book and get him to fall asleep and get used to the routine.

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