Hi mommies, anyone know how long does it takes to heal for a normal assisted delivery with stitches ? And how long can i have sex again with my husband? I am so worry about tearing again if I have sex.

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If it's normal and there arent too many stitches, you'd be back in the sack in 6 weeks (or less!) 6 weeks is safe where everything heals so perfectly and u already have momentum with the newborn.. perfect time to get right to it gurl! ;) Tearing abit like a normal tiny one due to sex can be common even without delivery. Tearing as in stitches ripping? Nah. Nope. Lube it for the "first time" if u're super worried and tell the hubs to be gentle. Have fun!

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Id say it varies. Me and my hub had sex after 2 months lol. For my first child it took longer as there were stitches. Wheras for my second there was no stitching so it took about 3 weeks id say. Pretty fast the second time. Dont fret dear, it wont tear. Hahaha. I know how you feel, i had the same worry as well.

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well as to play safe...its better rest for 3 mths...by dat time its already cure n i believe d sutures had gone without notices. ...btw do always b hygenic dats important....

Approx 6 weeks but i waited nearly 6 months before we had sex. I was too afraid that it would hurt. Luckily my husband was understanding

6-8weeks recommended. As long as you fully heal and you are confident. Ask husband to be gentle.

Just make sure you are comfortable. Ask your gynae if you want to be sure

Gynea will be more accurate but should rest around 1 month +

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took me 6weeks to healed. only resume after 3months.

Based on gynae recommendation - 6 to 8 weeks

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After 6 to 8 weeks should be fine(: