Hi mummies. How do you know that you are going to go into labour? By contraction or water bag burst? If by water bag burst, do you go straight to hospital immediately?

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my both labour is bloody show. I dont feel the contraction n dilation even though both times I have dilated 3cm when admitted. water bag for 1st bb burst by gynae when I dilated about 4 to 5cm. 2ns one trying to delay bursting of waterbag coz bb premature at 35.5 weeks

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Bloody show and contraction are mild signs. I think you need to go hospital immediately when water burst.. If the contraction is painful, go and stay in hospital earlier. You might not be able to walk with the pain later


Had to say. My 3 pregnancy I got no contraction. First was water bag burst, 2nd is bloody discharge and 3rd was induced earlier due to decrease in fluid. So all my 3 is induced.

Bloody show and contraction so i showered and admit hospital. As my gynae warns me not to shower if my water bag burst as is gonna be dangerous for me and baby.

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Had contractions, but water bag didn't break or had a bloody discharge The gynae inserted the finger and then bloddy discharge came and broke the water bag 🙄

i lost my mucus plug and my gut feeling told me my water bag broke. i went to kk to check and yeah it broke just a little. so i guess gut feeling?

My water bag burst but I had no contractions. I took my time to go hospital.

Contraction at regular intervals. Burst water bag is later stage already.

Water bag burst. Had a good shower then went to the hospital.

Bloody show and contraction for me. Went to hospital straight