Water bag burst.

Hi, if my water bag burst, will I make it to the hospital in time without causing a big mess while on my way there? Any recommendations on how to prevent messing up places like taxis because of the leakage?

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Wear a pad. But doesn't mean your waterbag has already burst you'll go to labour straight away. Might take some time for the contractions to kick in so best is to call up your gynae or the delivery suite first & they'll tell you what to do. Whether to wait at home or proceed to the hospital.

dont worry abt all that 😅 that shouldnt be your biggest concern. just stay composed and say sorry, its not like you purposely burst it. just make your way to the hospital within 24hrs. take care 😘

Waterbag burst wear a pad . Fastest way to reach call ambulance . If you wanna still have time due to no contractions yet can just ride a grab or your own vehicle :)

Wear pad, put 2 towel underneath u when u sit in car. thats what I did when I have severe bloody show. heng put towel, if not the blood kanna the car seat already

My waterbag was leaking and I got to the hospital by taxi. I wore a pad and brought along 2 towels in case of need. 😊

My mum gave me adult diapers a few days before my water burst. So I wore that to the hospital 😂

Wear a pad