I am having pretty regular contraction every 20 mins for pass 1 hr (Since 4 am). I was 2 cm dilated in the evening around 6 pm and had the bloody show at around 5 pm. Wondering if I should go into the hospital yet or wait for my water bag to burst? Or for contractions to be between 5-10 mins apart.

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Since you already have regular contractions interval for every 20minutes and had bloody show, you should head to hospital immediately. My labor kicked start after bloody show, i.e. more intense contractions and nearly unable to reach hospital in time due to traffic jam in the morning. Thus, to play safe you should head to hospital soon. For my both deliveries, I do not have water bag burst but mid-wives helped me to broke the water bag instead during 10cm dilation.

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For my last pregnancy, I went to the hospital when I started to have about 10mins contraction interval. But I was lucky that I reached the hospital in time and water broke while waiting for the doctor to check my cervic dilation. (it was already 7cm when the doc checked btw 😅)

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It sounds like your baby is on the way! Hospitals usually advise you to head down when your contractions are about 5 to 10 minutes apart because they will very soon be 1 to 2 minutes apart and by then, you will likely not make it to the hospital due to the pain. For me, my water bag didn't burst and was broken by the midwife, so it's not true that you have to wait for the water bag to burst before you head to the hospital.

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Once your contractions are about 5 mins apart or if your cervix is open approximately 4cm, you should be admitted to prepare for active labour. Congrats and all the best!!