Hi mummies, hip carrier or M shape carrier? What the difference? My lo is 5 months which carrier is better?

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Hip carrier is not recommended as it puts a strain on the spine. Recommended carriers are usually ergo, hana baby, Manduca, Tula. If you intend to baby wear a long time, you can consider manduca. I used my manduca for 5 years for two kids. Still loving it alot.

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Any ergonomic carrier is ok for the first year. If really want hipseat, use after first year old for healthy hip n spine development :) need more info can approach www.facebook.com/babycarriersrentalsg

imagine yourself in the carrier instead. would you prefer to be carried which way? by the butt which has lesser support? or the carrier which can cover more areas tht has better support on the back?

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Hip seat carriers are not ergonomic and put unnecessary strain to on a developing baby's spine.

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I'll still stick with my Baba sling which I have been using since day one and I love it.

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I prefer M shape cause their spine is not form yet. The hip carrier I felt it will hurt

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M shape, its ergonomic type of carrier. Hence the positioning is better for the baby

my preference is the carrier with a seat attached to it

M shape carrier like ergobaby, tula

I used ergobaby M shape.