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Hi mummies! For 1 month old baby, which baby carrier do u recommend? I had thought a normal carrier is just fine but saw that there are alot of things to consider as baby spine is C shape now etc. Some carrier is not suitable for 1 month etc? TIA!

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Hi, I’ve learnt that what works well for others may not work well for you. I bought an Ergo360 due to many good reviews and recommendations. However end up my baby hates it so I bought a baby ktan to use until she’s too heavy for it (about 10mths old) and we had to switch to an Isara carrier (softer than Tula and found after going through a baby carrier rental service) until now only at 15mths she’s fine with Ergo. Expensive lesson for a new mother! 😅

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i’m using Tula explore. Lots of mums swear by ergobaby but it just doesn’t suit me. For baby that young u need to make sure the carrier is suitable for their age. Ergo OMNI 360 is suitable, Tula explore, Tula Free-to-grow is also another popular choice

Baby spine is supposed to be C shaped till they’re slightly older. Can’t remember till how old but that’s what the baby wearing expert said when I went for a talk early this Jan.


I use konny carrier for initially till about 6 month old I bought tula explorer now using both.

Using tula. Bought at mother care, sales lady explained and tried. Important is comfortable

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I using soul annona. Can use from newborn onwards.

Thanks mummies! Will go check these out 🙂

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I have been using a Konny and an Ergobaby

I had baby Bjorn , it was good

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But use infant insery