Infant Care Anxiety

Hi Mummies, FTM here.. my baby is turning 4 months old in March and will be going to Infant Care on May 21. Usually at home there s people who will sayang2 her to sleep and play with her as she s a big cryer (she screams). Worried that she wont get the same attention in infant care but I have to send her due to noone avail to look after. How do u mummies take all this positively and be ok with your baby in infant care?

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Super Mum

Babies adapt quite quickly at this age, usually getting into the new routine within 1-2 weeks. We as mummies always worry, but most of the time, our babies surprise us at how well they adapt;)

11mo ago

ikr.. haha now my next worry is.. will she be less attach to me once she enters IFC.. sending her when she s 5.5months old.. any thoughts..