I am going to send my 4 mths daughter to infant care. what worried me the most is that my daughter cry. she always want me to carry n pat her to sleep. im afraid she will not get used to the infant centre environment. any mummies experience that?

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Not a mummy but my girl went in IFC PCF after 3 months. If u have a good centre, the trs there will be Super dedicated to take care of your little one. After a while, u will get used. And dun worry, they r paid to take good care of your girl. Just trust and do yr research properly before sending her to an IFC.

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Dun worry mummy. Babies can adapt fast. Let the Teachers know about this, I'm sure they will have their ways to handle your gal.

hi chin yin at what age u start to send yr newborn to infant care?

It is v heartbreaking for any mummies to leave our young ones with someone else and knowing they will cry their hearts out. When I sent my sticky clingy gal to cc, she would start to cry and cling tightly onto me. It continued for a good 2 months till she stopped crying when I was about to leave the centre. All I can say is, once they are at the centre, they will be trained and will get used to the trs caring for them. Don't worry about them being used to u and afraid they will cry. It will happen but toung children adapt to the environment v fast.

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