Bed Time For 4 Months Old Going To Infant Care

Hi Mummies with baby going to infant care, can share your routine for a 4 month baby going to infant care? Like the timings for feeding and bedtime? Is it true baby have to be in bed by 7 to 8 pm? Cause I can only pick up my son at 7 pm.. If he sleeps soon after I bring him home seems there is no time for bonding.. How do u working Mummies manage? Can share?

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my LO turning 5months soon. already 1 month infant care. i work 8 to 530pm. so usually i drop her off by 730am and fetch by 6pm. i will prepare 4 milk bottles for her. either she drink 1 bottle before infant care or 1 bottle after i fetch her. in infant care itself they will give milk 3 hourly. so 4 milk bottles suffice till we reach home. once home, i will shower and settle her down and hope she will sleep by 830pm or 9pm. bonding time will be very short. so if my baby don't want to sleep yet i will just play with her until she sleep. can be tiring for u but it's worth it. weekends are very precious!

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