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Hi mummies, FTM here. Anybody give up breastfeeding or pumping less than a week and decide to go full FM?

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My bf journey always ended before my maternity leave ends. For my first, I tried all means and ways to get my supply up. Never felt more like a failure. Lasted about 2 months. Stressed mummy, hungry baby. For my 2nd, I told myself to exercise self-compassion - if have, good. if don't have, then accept it. Hubby was supportive and have nothing against FM. Lasted 1 month. For this coming 3rd one, Im gonna try full on FM before my milk comes in (will try to get the colostrum during hospital stay) to save my sanity because I have 2 other kids who needs mummy. My 2 kids are healthy and hit all the milestones. Its gonna be ok if you don't bf. I have mad respect for mummies who breastfeed but its because they can. You wont love your child any less and youre not a lesser mom. You got this! 😘

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me! wanted to stop at 4 months then decided to bf for a year, only to realised i cannot do it anymore bc me and hubby often travel. so yay after her being 6 months, i decided to transition to FM. but bc i have this super small mom guilt in me, i decided to mix feed until she slowly fully transition to FM. i've nvr really pumped bc she always direct latch and pump output is not as much as latching so i find it redundant. so i decided that she will drink fully FM in the day, but breastmilk when she wakes up in the middle of the night (now is only once at 3.30/4.30am) and also once she wakes up to start the day. the painful esp when sleeping so that's why i still had to latch her at night.

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You do you. If you know for sure that bf is not for you, then fm is equally fine. I have seen fully fm fed baby who is happy and chubby! Chubbier than bm fed baby! Didn’t mean to compare but since society keeps prompting that bm babies are healthier 🤪

i didnt pump or breastfeed since day 1 and my baby's doing great. if that works best for you, do it! dont care what others thinks!