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1-month old baby vomitting in the middle of formula milk.

my baby vomits for the first time. made her 90ml of formula milk (sometimes gave her formula only on the first feeding to bed) but she puked halfway. before that i latched her for about 6 minutes but she seemed fussy due to uncomfortness (maybe positioning when latching). yall have no idea how many sorries i said to her because...... #momguilt kept googling and googling and actually have the same answer to what i clicked on. but i am still panicking and can't help but felt bad to my baby because it's the first time she puked out. i guess i shouldn't have gave her too much knowing that she just latched and i learnt that small feedings is still better than over feeding. i'm still here unsure if my breastmilk is enough for her but she started on different feeding schedule. from 1hr30mins, now to 2-3hr intervals. i still feel guilty holding her. 😞😔

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