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Hello mummies, ftm here and on my 26 weeks, just wondering what I should read up and what I can do to help with my breastfeeding journey once I give birth. Should I take any supplements before I give birth to help my milk production?

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hello mummy! yes you can read up on the methods and other important key points. you can try supplements. results varies person to person. best to consult your gynae first since youre at 26weeks and still quite early. some of my friends started at 32weeks onwards with gynae greenlight. to me, it will naturally come to you after giving birth. like mother instincts😅 but after you give birth, lactation nurse will visit you bedside to assist you and you can ask your qns. after few days-1week post delivery, they will call you to check on you, baby and any issues like breastfeeding or others. congrats and stay safe mummy! 💪🏼

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Always have a bottle of water wherever you go. Breastmilk is made up of 88% water. After latch, after pump, drink up. Pee and drink up. Do it over and over again. Keep your supplying running by drinking plenty of water. Massage your breast before pump or latch as well. You can try lactation cookies if you’re experiencing Low supply.

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