Sharing Advices On Breastfeeding!

Hi mummies, I hope I can help to give advice on breastfeeding tips you can ask me anything in the comment and I will share with you about my experience. I just hope to help mummies to have a better breastfeeding journey. I'm a over supply mummy and still breastfeeding and pumping till now!

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My BB is 2+ wks old. He drinks a lot as he is a >95th percentile baby, and always fall asleep after suckling on one side. Should I rouse him up for the other side or wait till he is awake (usually takes about 15-20min later) to continue feeding him?

3y ago

It's normal for them to for asleep while bf. What I do is keep talking to bb making sure they at least suck and switch if bb drink 10 min. I don't suggest you to wait cos eventually you will make yourself more tired.

Why my baby always hungry? First time mum here. And i only bf. After each feed she will vomit and got hungry again. Sometimes i need to feed her hourly. Is it because my milk supply is low? Pls help.

3y ago

Have you tried pumping or only latch on? If latching on we do not know how much your baby drink. On avg each boob you have to nurse at least 10 min. A avg session is 20 to 30 min.

Do you pump in the night? How frequent?

3y ago

Thanks ya