hii, any mummies stopped breastfeeding & then start breastfeeding again after some time? i would loveee to breastfeed exclusively or at least most breastfeed than formula all the way. but my milk production isnt good, i stopped latching or pumping after 2 weeks giving birth as i feel rlly sad whenever i see my milk not even 10ml and my partner’s family has been asking me if i am still breastfeeding (they encouraged breastmilk than formula) and simply because of those questions i keep thinking i am not giving the best to my baby.. any advices on how i can restart breastfeeding after bottle feeding most of the time? how to boost milk production or reproduce milk which alr dries up..

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hi mummy, I am over supply mummy, I had a infection after 1year into breastfeeding and my milk supply was super down only 120ml left for the day. not even enough for 1 feed. what I did was I ate lots of milk booster and lots of latching and skin to skin with baby. 2 weeks later my supply got back to what my baby needs and I even had extra milk again after 6 months. if you need help you can DM me at my IG @mummyjlife

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You can try to eat milk booster foods. For me, I tried to consume alfalfa. The most important thing, you need to start having schedule to pump your milk. At least every 2 - 3 hours. Once have fixed daily routine to pump your breast milk, you can see that your amount of milk will increase.