Sleeping position on 2nd tri

Currently on week 19. Been reading that sleeping on left side is best for preg women esp from 2nd trimester onwards. However whenever i sleep on my left side, my right side of stomach will be in pain as suddenly it got bloated and the gas trapped inside. Not really sure why. Any mummy experience the same?

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Sometimes I do get sharp pains when I turn to my sides too. Like stitch pain. Not sure if it’s because of the weight of the uterus pulling onto the round ligaments thus causing the pains. Not sure if the kind of discomfort you experience could be similar feeling as what I feel.. it eases back when I lie back on my back 😅

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Hello mommy I have experienced this too as the baby grows it might become common too but slowly change position or move about even while in sleep, pregnancy pillow helps because it gives enough support. I purchased one from Shopee (attaching pic for reference).

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2mo ago

is this good?

Use pregnancy pillow to support the belly