What brand of milk to drink?

Anybody drink milk throughout preg? Doc recommend HL milk.. can drink flavor HL milk or just plain milk? Any supplement that is good for baby?

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I think most, if not all, milk in Singapore has to be pastuerised, unless you got it straight from the cow. It's for food safety reasons. HL has other ingredients and often flavored. Nothing terribly wrong with it if you like it. Might just caution to look for sugar content. If you're having a well- balanced diet, supplements can be minimized. My gynae only prescribed obimin for me for 2-3 trimesters. Some mummies do take fish oil with DHA as a supplement too. https://sso.agc.gov.sg/SL/SFA1973-RG1?DocDate=20170614&ProvIds=P1IV-P4_93-

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Drink materna milk which is better for baby. Best to ask your gynae for supplements rather than buy w/o prescription. Some may not be suitable for you. Gynae will of course access your health accordingly before prescribing you any. I'm currently taking the 21st Century Pre Natal Vitamins which was prescribed to me and drink Anmum Materna Milk which my gynae gave the thumbs up to go ahead.

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I drink HL when I'm having a constipation. It helps! It really doesn't matter when it comes to flavour , own preference. I chose plain one cause simply I love the taste. and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl ☺️ I'm currently pregnant with my son.. this time I'm not really into milk 😅

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any milk is good but beware of the sugar content. farm fresh brand is natural and no sugar content. u can try flavours also so u might not boring to drink. u can ask your doctor's advice regarding supplements

I drink maternal milk starting from second tri to get the necessary nutrition. Suggest getting free sample to try out the taste as they taste more milky than those HL milk in the market

I drank Meiji fresh milk during first trimester and maternal milk from second trimester onwards. Ask your gynae to prescribe supplements suitable for you and baby.


please drink pasteurised milk. HL milk is not pasteurised milk.